Resident Spotlight & Ministry Partners

Meet Sam Jackson! Sam has been at Light of Hearts Villa for 6 months after some time at our partner ministry, Joseph’s Home. Just like us at Light of Hearts Villa, Joseph’s Home is also a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

Joseph’s Home provides a nurturing, caring environment for medically-fragile men experiencing homelessness, helping them heal and achieve independence.Joseph’s Home is the only homeless service provider in Northeast Ohio exclusively focused on medical respite care. While men stabilize their physical illness in a nurturing faith-based environment, they also develop their individual housing plans and connections to behavioral health supports.

Being a part of the Sisters of Charity Health System, we are grateful to have this built-in community of faith-based partners and supporters. When Joseph’s Home contacted us about a home for Mr. Sam, we were happy to help!

Sam is a joy to us all and has made so many friends, is a great conversationalist and folks just love being around him! We sat down with Sam to get to know him a bit more!

Favorite meal: Pancakes – they’re nice and fluffy and I grew up on them so it’s a comfort food. I also love the shrimp because they season it really well – all of the food here is really great, I’m thankful.

Favorite activity: My favorite activity is when we play the trivia games because I feel like I know most of the answers and it exercises my brain!

What I’m thankful for about Light of Hearts Villa: I’m thankful that they allowed me to come here from Joseph’s Home – I’m thankful for the food, a safe place to sleep and for the community feeling.

What I’m thankful for about Joseph’s Home: Oh man, the staff – especially Miss Raven, she’s an angel. I’ve tried to quit using drugs and wasn’t successful until I met her – she really cares about my well-being and still checks up on me all the time. The staff at Joseph’s Home are just amazing. The activities and the volunteers were so great – I talked to a lot of them and told them about my experience with drugs and my life, and they had a banquet to raise money and I saw so many people contributing money to the mission and it just blew me away that so many believed in Joseph’s Home, because I’m part of that mission you know? They’re supporting Joseph’s Home to support ME – and that is so amazing.

If it weren’t for Joseph’s Home, I don’t know where I’d be. I’m thankful they helped me and connected me to Light of Hearts, it has really transformed my life.

Sam playing his favorite trivia activity at Light of Hearts Villa


Oh God, in Your church is diversity as Your Word declares that just as the body, though one, has many parts to form one body, so it is with Christ. We were all baptized with one Spirit to form one body. Thank You for including everyone so that we could all contribute to being a reflection of You. I pray that we all learn to appreciate the diversity among our brothers and sisters and embrace their different nationalities, talents, gifts and more. Amen.