Deer Hunting Activity Fun

Yes, deer were found in Light of Hearts Activity Center and thankfully the residents sprung into action keeping the deer at bay and protecting their home.

Members of the Operations Team, Wellness Department and residents had a fun afternoon with nerf toys. The deer pranced around the last of the Christmas trees as residents had a little chance with target practice on their favorite staff member.

Residents truly had great fun and laughs. Afterwards they enjoyed trivia games and refreshments.


Oh God, in Your church is diversity as Your Word declares that just as the body, though one, has many parts to form one body, so it is with Christ. We were all baptized with one Spirit to form one body. Thank You for including everyone so that we could all contribute to being a reflection of You. I pray that we all learn to appreciate the diversity among our brothers and sisters and embrace their different nationalities, talents, gifts and more. Amen.